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Specialty Areas

FX, Glamour and Old Age Makeup
Hair Effects                                                (Facial hair, balding and shaving effects)
Lab Work
Facial & Body Prosthetics
Life Casts & Dental Casts
Custom Fangs, Teeth & Dental Veneers
Prop Shop
Props and Miniatures
Custom-made Costumes
Costume Armour
Prop Weapons; fantasy & replicas
Character design and development
Theatrical Makeup supplies



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  • Makeup and EFX Makeup

  • Props

  • Armor

  • Costumes

  • Wardrobe services

Standard  rates and terms of service

The information below is presented for pre-quote estimates and is adjusted for actual bids.

  • 4 hours  minimum call

  • Calls before 6 AM require local accommodations night before

  • Lead artist  $125 / hr

  • Assistant to lead artist $80  / hour

  • Kit fee $125 per primary artist (excluding lab fees etc.)

  • Lab work is billed at  ~ $125 per hour

  • NYC per-diem $125

  • Pre bid in-person consultation $75 EFX

  • Costume and character design consultation $75 and up

  • All jobs are due and payable upon completion, 50% deposit for all lab work related jobs. Payroll is internal with straight billing from RDG inc.

  • Location truck:  (TBA due 10/2003)

To Contact Us

Phone:  973-579-9336

E-mail address:

Web address:  http:/

Raven Design Group
Ram FX Studios

133 Route 15
Lafayette, New Jersey 07848

Imagination has no Boundaries, neither do our designers and artists.

At Raven Design Group we bring NY Metropolitan area productions  the best the world can offer in the area of Special Effects makeup and its many complementary fields such as costuming, prop development and prosthetics for the face or body. 
We provide a world class product  within your budget.

Our full service studio  encompasses a broad range of support for film, video and theatrical production houses.

Select Client List

  • Dazed and Confused Magazine: Cover shot Nov 2001; Peel away face effect

  • WWF (now WWE) Alien City Commercials, September 2001; Costumes and Makeup for 15 alien characters

  • 1-800 Collect, See Spot Run Productions, November  2001; Bald cap /  logo hair effect

  • Dairy Barn Commercial, 30 FPS Productions, Dec 2001; Full body makeup for "The Thinker" statue effect

  • Willie Nelson Video, Black Dog Films,    May 2002; Dart in arm and tattoo effect

  • NY Lottery, "Win for life" Commercial, The Artist Company, June 2002; Old age makeup silicone Prosthetic and hair.

  • "It's so Easy" anti-smoking spot, Scene International, June 2002; design and create daemon makeup, eyes, and prosthetic teeth.

  • WWE, "Street Rumble" September 2002; Cuts, bruises and sweat   

  • Verizon, RSA USA Inc, Jan 2003;  Body double suit for James Earl Jones' dance double.

  • Men's Health Magazine, "Unusual injuries"